The Dutch underground has thrown up yet another contender for what you should be checking out at this year’s Roadburn. If you try to find them on the internet in advance, you’ll likely come away empty-handed. If you want to know what they sound like, well, you’re gonna have to turn up on the day to find out. What we can tell you is that you’ll not want to miss them.

Formed during the global plague outbreak in a cottage far away at the edge of the Diestiaanzee and completely removed from human noise, Ordigort started creating sardonic hymns and chants beckoning to the end of humanity as it is. Never nihilistic nor pessimistic, Malthusian in ire yet ecstatic of the possibilities lurking between the folds: Ordigort will make you feel like an outlaw or a brigand longing for a world that may one day end.

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